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We know you love FYP and we also know that you are not always at your computer and therefore can’t get on your browser to keep up-to-date with the latest postings.  Rather than watch you flop around on the floor, I’m going to share some additional ways that you can read your favorite FYP authors during your morning  or afternoon travels, lunchtime or even lying on a tropical beach like me.  If you are reading this congratulations, you already know the most popular way to read the great articles from the most diverse photography writers on the web!  In this posting I’m going to explain elements of the little yellow box on the site inviting you to “Get Fueled”


Really Simple Syndication more commonly known as RSS is a great way to aggregate feeds from your favorite sites.  RSS comes in both desktop and mobile forms and allows you to go to a single place to receive all your latest updates. Google Reader is a popular desktop and mobile RSS client if you have an Android phone you can get it from the Android Marketplace.  Apple fanboys/fangirls you are not to be left out, a version for iPhone is available here.  Blackberry users , like me, will have to be content with Viigo, it is not quite as intuitive but it does the job!

Once you have your preferred method you can click on the “SITE RSS FEED” link and then select Google Reader and FYP will be added to your feed.  Full and complete articles are available for you to read at any time just by opening your RSS reader and selecting Fuel Your Photography.  This is especially great for smaller screened mobile devices where mobile browsers are a pain.


Keeping up by email is even easier, simply enter your email address in the field in the yellow box that says “Suscribe by Email” and then click the subscribe button new articles will be emailed to you immediately after posting.  Depending on your mobile email client you may not receive the full multimedia experience.  Your mileage may vary!  You will not be sent any Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) by subscribing to the email feed.


FYP maintains a very active twitter feed, a link to every article published is posted here along with select other tweets, follow us on twitter @FuelPhotography.   One of our Twitter secrets, for you die hard photographers and tweeters you can follow the list of our writers and keep up with their tweets.  Be advised that writers tweets are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of FYP.  If you are brave and not faint of heart follow TeamFYP.


Facebook??  Heck yeah, we are on Facebook!  You can find our page here and Facebook provides an additional forum for you to give feedback and easily share our articles with friends and groups, we really appreciate when you do so.  Feel free to fan us on Facebook.   We also have a page strictly dedicated to our FYP/500px Photography Contest, have you entered yet?

Google +

What is Google +?  Google Plus, like FYP, is a great place for creatives, however not as targeted as FYP, we know we are among your top photography resources. FYP maintains a page on Google Plus and reaches out to photographers and photography lovers alike, if you are on Google Plus circle us at gplus.to/FYP, if you are not yet on Google + join here mobile clients are also available.

FYP Google Plus
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Check, we are also on Flickr and if you are too you can post 2 images per day to our group for feedback of other members.  We look forward to seeing your shared images!

I’ve shared with you some great ways to interact with FYP, I’m interested in hearing how you use it in the comments section below.

Jeremy is a consultant, educator and photographer based in the Caribbean. He shoots an eclectic range of material, but his favorite subjects are urban and seascapes, people and aircraft. He mixes his love of technology and travel with photography. Following a brief post college hiatus he picked up a camera again in 2003 and has been shooting ever since. You may view his work on his website

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