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AMA: Why do you have this site?

George asked:  "Yo J, just wondering what the benefit would be for you to have a site like this. Will you be selling advertising space or something?" George:  This site allows me to have one repository to all my presences on the Internet, it allows me complete control...

Recipe Blog coming soon

Click to view video. I'm also somewhat of a foodie and a relatively good cook.  By special request I will be adding a food blog containing some of my custom recipes. Here is a teaser with herb roasted chicken and beer au jus.

Jason Yang – Electric Violin Maestro

[youtube] Jason is a very very impressive musician, he masters the electric violin in ways that I've never heard before; playing both classic and modern songs. Believe it on not Jason is not a music major, but he has been...

Kony 2012

[Note:  This posting is a bit off topic from my norm but we are all part of the would and I wanted to make a contribution to shedding light on the atrocities in Africa.] Apparently Kony 2012  is stirring up a mite of controversy but what is even more important is...

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