On virtually every trip I take or even in my regular shooting I often make churches my subject, today we visit the stunning Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal.  This Basilica is a stunning installation and is sure to take your breath away with it’s sheer beauty.  I hope you enjoy a couple of shots of this great building of faith.

Montreal and Old Montreal are also a favorite of mine.  In my opinion this Canadian city is the best of North America and Europe in one city.  To be frank I’d been to Toronto innumerable times but on my first visit to Montreal with a friend from Jordan I was so entranced that I was back less than 3 months later and have been visiting ever since.  Although English speakers may perceive a language barrier and avoid Montreal I did not find this to be the case, even so, I was still inspired to take formal classes at the Barbados Community College so I could immerse myself in the culture and language.

If this post has inspired you to explore the French language and you are geographically challenged to explore BCCs excellent language program, check out this podcast in iTunes for comprehensive lessons.  Also, don’t forget to visit the the grand old lady once you are in Montreal.

SVP profiter ma photographie, au revoir mes amis

Jeremy is a consultant, educator and photographer based in the Caribbean. He shoots an eclectic range of material, but his favorite subjects are urban and seascapes, people and aircraft. He mixes his love of technology and travel with photography. Following a brief post college hiatus he picked up a camera again in 2003 and has been shooting ever since. You may view his work on his website

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